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Waitlist Policy

Waitlist Policy and Procedure

Global Health Studies courses often reach their maximum capacity and subsequently close during registration. When this happens, students are advised to put themselves on a waitlist. If a student withdraws from a class, seats are filled from the waitlist. When necessary, graduating GHS seniors will be prioritized.

Students can add themselves to a waitlist in CAESAR by checking the “add me to the waitlist if this class is full” option when they put the course in their shopping cart.

Note that being on the waitlist does not guarantee admission into the class. Students will be contacted via email if spots become available. Students should not email GHS faculty or staff about gaining admission into a course. We are rarely able to add additional seats to a course, both because of space constraints in classrooms and to keep each faculty member's teaching capacity manageable. 

Starting Winter 2024: on the first day of classes in a given quarter until the end of the add/drop period (five school days after the start of the quarter), spots in GHS classes will become “open market” (i.e. a waitlist will not be followed). This means starting on the first day of classes, if a spot is open in a GHS class in CAESAR, students may register for it right away (whether or not it’s a 5th class) without a permission number. 

Waitlists are in effect up until the last staff working day before a new quarter begins, during which time if a slot opens, we will fill it in order based on the policy of prioritizing entry for graduating seniors for core classes so they can graduate on time. This waitlist period will end on the last staff workday before classes start in a given quarter. 

Due to capacity constraints and constraints within CAESAR, GHS staff members are unable to wait until the first week of the quarter for permission numbers to be used for fifth classes. Therefore, if a permission number is used for a fifth class, the student must either pass on the permission number or drop another class so the permission number can be used.