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Research Fellowship Application Tips

Below, find suggestions for creating a successful application for one of the Global Health Research Fellowships.

  1. Brainstorm a topic that you are familiar with and/or have previous experience in.
  2. Contact someone who has experience in the field you are trying to research, preferably a professor with expertise in global health.
  3. Develop a thorough proposal outline and/or draft, which should include a potential budget and contacts you have made.
  4. Meet with your faculty adviser to finalize your research plan.
  5. Submit your proposal.
  6. Upon acceptance, attend the mandatory Responsible Conduct of Global Health Research Seminar.

Tips for choosing a country

Identify the risks of traveling to country of choice.

Security/political environment

Northwestern’s University policy on travel does not permit NU to sponsor or pay for project participation in a country that has been issued a travel warning by the U.S. Department of State. Please visit their website for travel warning information.

Travel-related diseases, immunization and disease-testing requirements

These risks depend on country and length of visit. See Centers for Disease Control Website for details.

Tips for securing a site to perform research

  1. Gather references and contact information from student organizations (e.g. GlobeMed, Global Water Brigades, Engineers for a Sustainable World), GLO partners, personal connections, previous internships or local NGOs, and students and/or faculty members who have previously completed research at your desired location.
  2. Contact a health care facility or institution within that region to find out if they are interested in hosting a visiting student to perform research activities.

Tips for identifying travel risks

Use a current travel guide and/or find information online to identify risks and consult with on-site program sponsor. Possible Sources of Reference:

Learn about your adviser's rights and responsibilities

Tips for filling out your application details

Make sure you address the following points when completing your application.

On-site contact information

Name of university or organization you will be working with abroad, the contact you have made on-site, emergency contact information. You are welcome to supplement your application with literature about the organization or institution you intend to work with.

Foreign languages spoken

It is particularly important to include those that are useful to the area you will be traveling to. If you do not speak the native language will interpretation services be provided?


Provide a breakdown of the estimated expenses for the trip. This should include:

Tips for IRB exemption or approval

You must apply for Institutional Review Board (IRB) exemption or approval if you are applying for IPD Research Fellowship. Your adviser, a Northwestern Faculty member should serve as your principal investigator. Please visit Northwestern’s IRB website. For a more in-depth look at the IRB application process, also look at the Office of Undergraduate Research's IRB-Human Subjects Research webpage.
  1. Complete CITI training
  2. Apply for IRB using eIRB system
  3. Adviser/Principal Investigator must submit study
  4. Check eIRB for updates and edits

Ready to apply?

Fill out this application for consideration for the Radulovacki Fellowship, the Mabie Fellowship, and the Group Research Fellowship.