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Academic Programs

Global Health Studies is an interdisciplinary program spanning many subject areas within a diverse, exciting field.

We provide a strong foundation from which students learn to think critically about global health challenges and practices. Students simultaneously explore core fields of global health such as infectious disease, bioethics, or mental health.

Diverse fields of study

The program is not limited to pre-medicine students but rather can be used to complement many fields of study. Students receive elective credit from health-related courses within the departments of Anthropology, Biology, Business, Engineering, Communications, Economics, Gender Studies, History, International Studies, Journalism, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Policy, and Sociology. 

Hands-on international health experience

To further supplement classroom knowledge, we encourage all students to participate in a public health study abroad program to gain a more direct understanding of the systemic, policy, and experiential differences between the U.S. and other countries. This experience solidifies the career goals of many students in the global health field.

Why Study Global Health?

Professor Noelle Sullivan answers.

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