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Independent Study Policy

Students can enroll in an independent study (GBL_HLTH 399) to explore topics in greater depth over the course of a quarter. An independent study can focus on a topic outside of regular courses in the Global Health curriculum, build on subject matter of a course in greater depth, or develop out of a study abroad trip. 

Students must have a faculty member agree to oversee their project. A detailed proposal to a faculty member should include the research topic, a planned approach to the topic, a tentative reading list, and the written work to be completed throughout the quarter. It is expected that the student and faculty member will work together to refine these materials before submitting a proposal. 

Once these materials are created, students must complete the independent study petition. Materials then are reviewed by faculty and staff; if approved, a section of GBL_HLTH 399 be created for them and a permission number will be issued. Petitions must be submitted one week before regular registration of the quarter before the proposed independent study will take place. 

Students are only allowed to complete a maximum of two GBL_HLTH 399 courses throughout their academic career. GBL_HLTH 399 counts towards the elective requirement for Global Health majors and minors.