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Fall 2019 Class Schedule



GBL_HLTH 301Introduction to International Public HealthNoelle SullivanTTh 11:00am-12:20pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 301 / PUB_HLTH 390Introduction to International Public HealthWilliam LeonardM 6:00-8:50pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 302Global BioethicsSarah RodriguezTTh 12:30-1:50pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 320Qualitative Research Methods in Global HealthBeatriz ReyesMW 11:00am-12:20pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 322The Social Determinants of HealthPeter LockeM 2:00-4:50pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Community Based Participatory ResearchBeatriz ReyesTTh 12:30-1:50pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Trauma and Its AfterlivesPeter LockeW 2:00-4:50pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Methods in Anthropology/Global HealthSera YoungTTh 2:00-3:20pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 390History of Global HealthSarah RodriguezTTh 2:00-3:20pm  Core
GBL_HLTH 390 / REL 373 Religion and BioethicsCristina TrainaMW 9:30-10:50am  Core


AF_AM_ST 380-0-20Topics in African American Studies: Gender and Sexuality in African Americans Leslie HarrisTTh 2:00-3:20pm  Elective
AMER ST 310Studies in American Culture: US Health: Illness & InequalityShana BernsteinMW 9:00-10:20am  Elective
ANTHRO 390-0-21Topics in Anthropology: Evolutionary Medicine Christopher KuzawaTTh 12:30-1:50pm  Elective
ANTHRO 390-0-22Topics in Anthropology: Reproductive Ecology Aaron MillerMW 12:30-1:50pm  Elective
BMD ENG 325Introduction to Medical Imaging Alan Varteres SahakianMWF 1:00-1:50pm  Elective
CFS 392Field Studies in Public HealthElizabeth KoselkaW 6:00-9:00pm  Elective
CFS 397Field Studies in Civic EngagementElizabeth McCabeW 6:00-9:00pm  Elective
CHEM ENG 373Biotechnology and Global HealthKeith TyoMWF 3:00-3:50pm  Elective
COMM_ST 395Digital Media and Health CommunicationRachel KornfieldMW 12:30-1:50pm  Elective
FRENCH 309French for Health ProfessionsAude RaymondMWF 1:00-1:50pm  Elective
HUM 370-5-20Special Topics in the Humanities: Race/Gender/Sex & Science: Making Identities & Differences Steven EpsteinTTh 3:30-4:50pm  Elective
IEMS 385Introduction to Health Systems ManagementSanjay MehrotraTTh 3:30-4:50pm  Elective
POLI SCI 380Refugee Crises and Human RightsGayla RufferMW 2:00-3:20pm  Elective
PSYCH 383Psychology and FoodSara BroadersW 2:00-4:50pm  Elective
SESP 303Designing for Social Change Daniel CohenTTh 12:30-1:50pm  Elective
SOCIOL 325Global and Local InequalitiesMargarita RayzbergMW 11:00-12:20pm  Elective