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Spring 2019 Class Schedule



GBL_HLTH 301Introduction to International Public HealthSarah Rodriguez  Core
GBL_HLTH 302Global BioethicsSarah Rodriguez  Core
GBL_HLTH 307International Perspectives on Mental HealthRebecca Seligman  Core
GBL_HLTH 320Qualitative Research Methods in Global HealthNoelle Sullivan  Core
GBL_HLTH 322The Social Determinants of HealthPeter Locke  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Native American HealthBeatriz Reyes  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Biocultural Perspectives on Water InsecuritySera Young  Core
GBL_HLTH 390 / REL 373Religion and BioethicsCristina Traina  Core


AF_AM_ST 380-0-20HIV/AIDS in the Social and PoliticalCeleste Watkins-Hayes  Elective
ANTHRO 306Evolution of Life Histories  Elective
ANTHRO 309Human Osteology  Elective
ANTHRO 314Human Growth and Development  Elective
ANTHRO 315Medical Anthropology  Elective
ANTHRO 390-0-27Migrant Sexualities  Elective
ANTRHO 390-0-22Archaeology of Food and Drink  Elective
BIO_SCI 355Immunobiology  Elective
BMD_ENG 380Medical Devices, Disease & Global Health  Elective
CFS 391Field Studies in Social Justice  Elective
CFS 392Field Studies in Public Health  Elective
CFS 397Field Studies in Civic Engagement  Elective
CHEM 316Medicinal Chemistry  Elective
COMM_ST 395-0-21Intro to Health Information  Elective
COMM_ST 395-0-25Health and Social Media  Elective
ENG 385Introduction to Medical Humanities  Elective
ENVR_SCI 399-0-22Global Change Ecology  Elective
HISTORY 352New Lectures in History - "Global History of Death and Dying"   Elective
HISTORY 392-0-30Topics in History – Black Death  Elective
SESP 303Designing for Social Change  Elective
SOCIOL 305Population Dynamics  Elective
SOCIOL 355Medical Sociology  Elective