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Fall 2018 Class Schedule



GBL_HLTH 301Introduction to International Public HealthNoelle Sullivan  Core
GBL_HLTH 301 / PUB_HLTH 390Introduction to International Public HealthWilliam Leonard  Core
GBL_HLTH 302Global BioethicsSarah Rodriguez  Core
GBL_HLTH 321War and Public HealthPeter Locke  Core
GBL_HLTH 322The Social Determinants of HealthPeter Locke  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Methods in Anthropology/Global HealthSera Young  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Community Based Participatory ResearchBeatriz Reyes  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Volunteerism and the Need to HelpNoelle SullivanW 10:00-12:20  Core


ANTHRO 309Human OsteologyErin Waxenbaum Dennison  Elective
ANTHRO 332The Anthropology of ReproductionCaroline Bledsoe  Elective
ANTHRO 368Latina and Latino Ethnography Ana Aparicio  Elective
ANTHRO 390Evolutionary MedicineChristopher Kuzawa   Elective
ASIAN_AM 360Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Transgender Surgeries in Transnational ContextsJillana Enteen  Elective
BIOL_SCI 380Biology of CancerXiaomin Bao  Elective
CHEM_ENG 373Biotechnology and Global HealthKeith Tyo  Elective
COMM_ST 395Difficult Conversations in HealthCourtney Scherr   Elective
COMP_LIT 390Special Topics in Comparative Literature: Sexual Dissidence & Activism in Latin AmericaStaff  Elective
ECON 326The Economics of Developing CountriesSeema Jayachandran  Elective
GNDR_ST 332Gender, Sexuality, and Health: Anthropology of ReproductionCaroline Bledsoe  Elective
GNDR_ST 341Transnational Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality: Global MasculinitiesJillana Enteen   Elective
HISTORY 376Global Environments and World HistoryHelen Tilley  Elective
INTL_ST 390Special Topics in International Studies - "Refugee Crises & Human Rights"Galya Ruffer  Elective
SOCIOL 311Food, Politics and SocietySusan Thistle  Elective
SOCIOL 317Global DevelopmentJames Mahoney  Elective
SOCIOL 336Climate Change, Policy, and SocietySusan Thistle  Elective