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Winter 2018 Class Schedule



GBL_HLTH 301Introduction to International Public HealthPeter Locke  Core
GBL_HLTH 302Global BioethicsSarah Rodriguez  Core
GBL_HLTH 306Biomedicine and CultureNoelle Sullivan  Core
GBL_HLTH 320Qualitative Research Methods in Global HealthPeter Locke  Core
GBL_HLTH 390History of Global HealthSarah Rodriguez  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Global Health from Policy to PracticeNoelle Sullivan  Core
GBL_HLTH 390Ecology of Infant FeedingSera Young  Core


AFST 390Politics of International AidMartha Wilfahrt  Elective
ANTHRO 386Methods in Human Biology ResearchAaron Miller  Elective
ASIAN_AM 360Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Transgender Surgeries in Transnational ContextsJilana Enteen  Elective
BIOL_SCI 355ImmunobiologyEric Mosser  Elective
BMD_ENG 343Biomaterials and Medical DevicesGuillermo Antonlo Ameer  Elective
CFS 392Field Studies in Public HealthLauren Keenan-Devlin  Elective
CIV_ENV 361-2Public and Environmental HealthLuisa Marcelino  Elective
ECON 307Economics of Medical CareMatthew Notowidigdo  Elective
ENTREP 395Innovate for ImpactElizabeth Lukehart  Elective
ENVR_POL 390Special Topics in Environmental Policy and Culture: International Environmental PoliticsKimberly Marion Suiseeya  Elective
GNDR_ST 332Gender, Sexuality, and Health: Anthropology of ReproductionCaroline Bledsoe  Elective
HISTORY 352New Lectures in History - "Global History of Death and Dying" Sean Hanretta  Elective
IEMS 365Analytics for Social GoodKaren Renee Smilowitz  Elective
PUB_HLTH 304Introduction to EpidemiologyRowland Chnag  Elective
PUB_HLTH 391Global Health Care Service DeliveryAshi Doobay-Persaud  Elective
SESP 303Designing for Social ChangeDaniel Cohen  Elective
SOCIOL 336Climate Change, Policy, and SocietySusan Thistle  Elective
SOCIOL 355Medical SociologyCarol Heimer  Elective
SOCIOL 376Mental Health and SocietyOnur Ozgode  Elective