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First-Year Focus

What can I do with a major or minor in global health?

Many, many opportunities await you!

Career paths

Our alums currently work in consulting firms, government agencies, research institutions, mental health facilities, and non-profits. Many have or are currently volunteering as health educators with the Peace Corps, conducting global health research via Fulbright and other prestigious fellowships, and are even initiating their own programs (such as GlobeMed) and health NGOs. 

Graduate and professional programs

Global Health Studies students find themselves exploring many facets of the field including administration, community practice, policy, education, and research. While the program provides a broad understanding of all of these focal areas, students often go on to pursue more specific graduate programs to narrow their career path in public health. For example, popular programs include Behavioral Science, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Policy, Maternal and Child Health, and Population & Family Health. Find information about graduate programs and other post-graduate options.

In addition, many pre-medicine students choose the Program in Global Health Studies to complement their studies. This coursework prepares students to understand health as it affects the individual and as it affects a population at large. Like a bacterium or virus can make one person sick, social, economic, and environmental factors can impact the health of an entire community. With this foundational knowledge, doctors-to-be can understand health from both a top down and bottom up academic approach. Global Health Studies also prepares students to work cross-culturally with diverse populations, provide international service, and understand the nuances of global medical work.

Where should I start?  

As a prospective student, there are many important things to note about the program and resources that you should explore.

Plan courses and research opportunities

Explore opportunities outside the classroom

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